Monday, October 17, 2016

NEW: fridur mini angels - behind the scenes

mood board fridur angels, paper angels, design process fridur angels, christmas angels, paper angels, nordic, pattern design, pop out angelspattern design fridur angels, paper angels, design processchristmas, paper angel, fridur angel, table cards, paper design
pattern design fridur angels, paper angels, design process fridur angels, christmas angels, paper angels, nordic, pattern design, pop out angels

pattern design fridur angels, paper angels, design process

 fridur angels, paper angels, nordic, pattern design, pop out angels fridur angels, paper angels, nordic, pattern design, pop out angels, cake topper christmaspattern design fridur angels, paper angels, design process

My new Fridur mini angels were not designed and produced in a heart beat. Don't know if it's interesting for anyone, but I just thought it's fun to share the usually hidden designing process behind this product.

1. From a vague ‘something in the air’ feeling I start creating a visual world with a coherent style... in short: a mood board (see first image above). This mood board is my source and help during the design process. When the product is ready it should fit perfectly in the world I created in the mood collage.

For Fridur I chose for: cosy, stylish, crafty, warm, hip, winter, graphic, sweet and natural. My major tool for making mood boards is Pinterest.

2. Then I google for catchy and matching product names, mostly in Northern European languages. I found Fridur in Icelandic and it means Peace!

3. When my mood board is ready, I look at the dominant colors and make a color scheme with it.

4. I start designing lots and lots of prints in Illustrator, I select the ones I like best and look for the best pattern combinations. See above.

5. Then I start combining the prints into my product. I print, cut, and fold - I make about 50 angels or more - and at the end I decide which ones are going to make it to the printer. 

6. What happens next is not as interesting, but still necessary (and very time consuming!): I need to design a package, I finalize the technical print files, I design the cutting files, I guide the printing process, order corn bags, make packing instructions for the packaging company, calculate a prize, put everything in the JM administration and see to it that the angels end up in my warehouse.

7. And then of course we need photos of the new product. First I make a photography storyboard, a list of scenes I need/want to shoot. And then I go shopping for the right props with my moodboard in my hand. At home I go online shopping for clothes for my model.

8. On the photoshoot day I mostly shoot 3 products at once. The shoot with my model takes about 4 of 5 hours and the rest of the day I spend taking pack shots and close-ups.

9.After selecting and editing the photo's and uploading them to my catalog and my website I can finally say: hurray, my product is ready!

Photo-credits mood board:

Saturday, October 8, 2016

if you ever go to Lefkada island...5 secret tips

Agios Nikitas - Lefkas
left: the beach at agios nikitas
Lefkada town, Lefkas, Greece, corrugated metal, paint
paint paradise: lefkada town
Lefkada town, Lefkas, Greece, corrugated metal, paint
lefkada town: corrugated walls and 2 nice greek former sailors
Lefkada town, Lefkas, Greece, corrugated metal, paint
my friend taking pics in lefkada town
right: sunset at milos beach! the mini dots you see in the sand are people...
Agios Nikitas - Lefkas
streets in agios nikitas
Lefkada town - colours - Lefkas Greece
color paradise: lefkada town

Hard to believe that I was here only 2 weeks ago, in Lefkas/Lefkada together with a friend. And due to the great Greek laid back energy I was able to completely reset and recharge in only 7 days!


1. go there in June or September, during high season it must be crowded on the island. Risk a few rain showers (the island is green!), there will always be days with lots of sunshine!

2. try to get an apartment in the tiny village of Agios Nikitas. It is cute and super relaxed, feels authentic although it's completely based on tourism... There's no traffic, the main mini pedestrian road ends up in a small sandy beach. 

3. eat zucchini-balls aka courgette balls (kolokithia keftedes) at Lefteris taverna in Agios Nikitas.

4. do some work out (up and down the hill for 25 minutes) and spend the day at the absolute best natural beach of the island: Milos beach (no beach bars, no beds, hurray!)

5. don't let the ugly 'exterior' (harbour) of Lefkada Town scare you off: take any small street towards the center... it is a paradise for colour lovers! Small streets, corrugated metal houses, colours and cats. See photo's above.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

lots of NEW designs!

I came back from Maison & Objet in Paris last Wednesday, the last trade show for me this year. Exhausted and kind of relieved as always and proud that this time I was able to present 6 new designs! You can find them in my webshop:

Next week I am going to recharge for 7 days on a small Greek Island before another long busy winter starts...

Monday, August 8, 2016

the best of both worlds - short summer break

Bolzano South Tyrol - plaster ceiling - asperagus
sankt Pauls Merano church South Tyrol
san Paolo Sankt Pauls Italy
hiking south tyrol - chalet
mountains south tyrol jaufenpassFranciscan Monastery Bolzano - Franziskaner Kloster Bozensouth tyrol
south tyrol
south tyrol san paolo merano
Due to a busy summer (new designs, trade fairs, tell you more soon) we decided to keep the summer vacation short this year.

It was our first time since 19 years that we had vacations without the boys! Eldest son Eise was in Nizhny Novgorod (RU), studying Russian at the State University for one month and Brecht celebrated life with tons of friends in Albufeira, Portugal. Being without the kids felt a bit strange at first but it was also great to do 'boring old peoples things' - like hiking and reading books - without any comments from the adolescents!

We decided to ask my father to come with us  (to make it even more senior... hihi) and had him kind of decide where we were going. He chose the north of Italy, South Tyrol, because he has a special connection with this area. He's been there many times on a professional basis - he's a classical musician - and he still has some former students/friends living here.
This fact made the little trip very special. We had dinners with his friends, meetings in monasteries, there was renaissance music (played by dad and others), but also long walks in the mountains, tasting the best wines ever (Lagrein and Gewürztraminer) and I even got to read some books too!

Maybe you can see it in the images above: South Tyrol is the best of both worlds. Austrian alpine life combined with Italian liveliness and warmth, snow and palm trees, good espresso and Apfelstrudel...

Sunday, May 15, 2016

help launching the coolest craft magazine ever: KOEL


My friend and inspiration Irene Hoofs from Bloesem Design is a real entrepreneur. She has style, guts, determination and tons of energy. She has started a large campaign to fund a great new yarn crafters magazine a few days ago. 
I just made a pledge on Kickstarter: for only € 18,- I support the launch of KOEL magazine ánd I receive the first copy! On Kickstarter you can choose between several pledges, you can already support KOEL for only € 2,-!
I am sure the world is ready for KOEL magazine, the text below and the pictures above (all by Bloesem) explain why.
KOEL helps yarn crafters to connect the dots. From pattern inspiration to creating an artwork that adds to the uniqueness of a home. Sourcing the best yarns and materials was never so easy. KOEL’s pages are filled with interior styling tips and tricks. In KOEL, we document the creative journeys of yarn crafters across the globe, through interviews and special reports. 
KOEL is impeccably curated through captivating photography, revealing beautifully styled spaces. Homes become personal museums filled with handmade yarn designs. A gift to those that are passionate about yarns and their homes, you will find KOEL on coffee tables, a keepsake treasure with thumbed pages. KOEL is a timeless source of inspiration for yarn crafters.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

mothersday - free giftwrap

Looking for a real lovely, small poetic gift for your mother (or any other loved one)? Check my webshop, I have plenty of nice designs that make people happy! Besides: until mothersday we wrap your gift in this gorgeous marbled paper, decorated with a cute paper butterfly for FREE!

interview - designer insights

Little interview on the blog of a smart UK-based online textile store. Great concept, they have a long list of these small designer interviews!
You can read it here: Designer Insights Jurianne Matter

Courtesy of: Terry's Fabrics